Types of Mattresses You Should Know to Choose What's Ideal for You

Are you buying a new mattress for yourself because the one you have been using for years isn't giving you a good night's sleep lately? Mattresses are designed to last for years and are meant to help you sleep better every other night. However, a mattress should be replaced right away if it's not serving its purpose.

The first concern you will have once you decide to get another mattress is the kind of mattress you should choose. Mattresses come in numerous forms, so the buying process may not be as easy as picking any mattress in the store. The store assistant can offer some tips to help you choose an ideal mattress, but it's still essential to have some insights as well. This post shares the main types of mattresses to help make the selection process easier.

Innerspring mattress

This form of mattress has managed to maintain its popularity for centuries thanks to the benefit it offers. As the name suggests, the mattress has steel coils that compress when weight is applied on the mattress. The shape, size, and number of springs usually vary from one mattress to another, and this determines the comfortability. People prefer this form of mattress because it offers various firmness options, its affordable, easy to find in the market, and has bouncing capabilities that most people like.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is one of the ideal materials that is used to make mattresses for side sleepers. This mattress offers great comfort and support to the body while you are sleeping. It's designed to provide adequate hip and shoulder support and can last for years, giving you value. But why should you pick this kind of mattress? Well, memory foam mattresses prevent back pains, promote spinal alignment, offer pressure point relief, have low motion transfer, and are versatile. The mattress also doesn't sag easily, so you won't have to flip it regularly.

Polyfoam mattress

Another common type of mattress you'll find is the polyfoam. This mattress is made of petroleum-based foam (synthetic) and is very affordable compared to the other types. Polyfoams usually have chemicals, but this doesn't mean that the mattress will be toxic. Manufacturers take the necessary precautions to make sure that the end product is non-toxic and safe for sleeping. The density determines the durability of this mattress — the higher the density, the more the durability. These mattresses offer superior support, especially if you have back pain issues, can relieve allergies, support spinal realignment and health, and support head elevation to lessen snoring problems.

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