4 Popular Dining Table Styles and the Vibe They Promote

Many homes feature some version of a dining table, even if the home itself doesn't have a dining room. You have a large selection of dining room tables from which to choose, all featuring their own style. As the Spruce points out, the style of the dining table can have an impact on the mood of the room.

Below are four popular dining table styles and the kind of vibe they'll create.

1. Shaker Table

The shaker style dining table is classic. These tables are rectangular with the traditional four-legged construction. Manufacturers usually make shaker tables out of wood with little embellishment. As such, they're streamlined. They usually feature natural staining, but you can find dual-colored options, too.

Because the shaker table is so classic, it works well in any traditional setting. You could use the shaker table in farmhouse, cottage, or transitional décor. Its solid construction and focus on simplicity give off a homey vibe.

2. Farmhouse Table

The farmhouse dining table also features a rectangular top. Some models feature the four-legged base, but many sit on a trestle. The difference is trestle legs feature extra beams for support. Like the shaker table, farmhouse tables are also of wood. You even see rustic varieties that look rough-hewn. The emphasis is usually on craftsmanship.

You often pair a farmhouse table with bench seating, which gives the whole set a rustic charm. As the name suggests, farmhouse tables give off a homey vibe you'd expect from a country kitchen. Choose this style of table for a timeless feel.

3. Mid-Century Modern Table

An enduring style is mid-century modern, which blends modern aesthetics with natural materials. Manufacturers typically make these tables out of wood, though retro versions might feature laminated tops. You see unusual shapes in these tables, such as unexpected curves in the legs. However, they present a minimalistic profile.

Mid-century modern tables work well in eclectic, modern, or retro interiors. These tables give off a funky vibe that you can enhance with chairs that also feature unexpected shapes.

4. Contemporary Table

Contemporary style places an emphasis on form over function. This emphasis comes through in contemporary tables. You often see that the manufacturers have focused on the shape of the table with the imposition of geometry. For example, you might see a round table perched on a conical pedestal. These tables are usually in man-made materials such as plastic or glass.

Needless to say, a contemporary table gives off a modern vibe. These tables can range from chic to funky. Because of the emphasis on form over function, look for models that will still meet your daily dining needs.

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