Moving Your Office? 3 Tips To Keep Everything Safe And Organized

Relocating your company headquarters could be necessary for a range of reasons, including rising rent prices, an expanding company, or the need to downsize. Unfortunately, moving can be stressful when you have truckloads of company equipment and boxes of essential files. Here are three tips for keeping things safe and organized during the trip. 

1. Have Employees Organize Their Space Beforehand When it comes to planning an entire office relocation, earlier is always better. Hold a company huddle as soon as you find out that you will be moving, and ask your employees to go through and start organizing their spaces carefully long before the actual relocation day. 

Ask workers to organize paperwork and objects inside their desks. Consider creating convenient places for workers to shred items that could be confidential or common areas for people to return equipment they may have borrowed to make the organization process easier. 

2. Invest In Electronics Packing Boxes While it is entirely possible to move computer equipment one item at a time to your new place, it makes a lot more sense to pack everything up and move it together on a larger moving truck. However, since it can be tricky to prevent damage to electronics during the moving process, consider picking up some electronics packing boxes. 

These convenient boxes are designed to prevent and cushion impact to large computer monitors and delicate electronic panels, while also discharging static electricity that could damage the processor. Before you purchase electronics packing boxes, go through your office and add up all of the monitors, printers, and computer towers you have so you can make sure to get enough. 

3. Take Security Seriously During a busy move, you never know who will take the chance to glance at private personnel files or use the busy time to pilfer some high-value company equipment. To prevent intellectual and property theft, catalog everything in your office and keep track of things. Move sensitive documents in locked filing cabinets, and monitor who has control over the paperwork carefully. 

Additionally, be careful about which workers you ask to help with the move. If you can, have professionals handle the entire process. 

If you are faced with an upcoming move and you are concerned about how to protect your items, start early and work with professionals. By teaming up with a group of professional moving contractors, you can quickly and easily organize and transport your items to ensure everything stays safe and intact.  

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Changing Spaces Inc.

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