How To Maintain And Care For Teak Furniture

Teak is a gorgeous type of wood perfect for outdoor furniture, as it is naturally resistant to mildew and bacteria. But outdoor teak furniture needs to be cared for differently than most other outdoor furniture, as the surface can build up with residue from your water, from soap, and from other impurities, which can compromise its naturally resistant surface. See below for cleaning and maintenance care instructions for your teak furniture.

Quick Clean Method

Clean your outdoor furniture at least once per week to get rid of any impurities and to keep it looking like new. To give it a quick cleaning, simply take a soft bristle brush and some mild dish detergent. Apply water and soap to the brush and gently scrub your wood furniture in a circular motion all over, including the underside and legs of the furniture. Rinse the soap off with clean hose water and allow it to air dry. Be sure to never use a power washer on your furniture, as it can strip your wood and damage it.

Deep Clean Method

Deep cleaning should be done every three months or more to keep its rich color looking like new. Look for a cleaner that is made for teak wood. You can find such a cleaner at a boat supply store, or at some hardware store. Teak cleaner won't strip your wood like most other cleaners will, and it will help restore the shine to your wood. Start by applying the teak cleaner to your wood piece liberally and allow it to sit for about 2 minutes to work its magic. Using a soft bristle brush, work the cleaner further into your wood and to help remove any built up residue. Rinse your piece of furniture thoroughly with clean water. Allow the wood to air dry completely, then apply teak oil to your piece. Look for teak oil at the same place you purchased the teak cleaner. Follow the manufacturer's directions when applying the teak oil. Allow time for the oil to soak in and dry before using your piece of furniture. 

Cleaning your teak furniture takes special care, as teak is different than most other types of wood. Care for it properly and your furniture can last quite a long time. Deep clean your furniture more often than every three months if you use your furniture often. Before using any type of cleaner on your furniture, be sure to test it in a small inconspicuous area first, and consult the manufacturer of the piece for other cleaning and care maintenance tips.

For more information, contact a company that sells teak furniture, such as A1A Patio Furniture.

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