Stunning Ways To Make Contemporary Accent Tables Functional

Are you in love with contemporary furniture options? Perhaps you own a few pieces, and you may be using them according to their intended purpose. If you own or plan to invest in an accent table, there are a few awesome ways you can utilize it that can make it a functional piece of furniture. The following are a few ways you can pull off this trendy furniture scheme. 


Long accent tables are the perfect size to use as a makeshift desk. Sometimes people face spacing challenges when they want to set up a traditional desk in an area such as their living room. Using an accent desk for this purpose can aid in keeping your family organized. For example, you can put a calendar in the area to ensure that everyone is aware of each other's schedules. The "desk" can also be used to complete homework or as a bill organizing and payment station. Do not overdo accessories if you plan to use an accent table as a desk because you want to ensure that there is enough space to complete work and not be distracted by clutter. A lamp would offer adequate lighting. Other than that, save the decorations for the walls. Hang storage solutions on the wall to hold mail and other items. 

Beverage Bar

Contemporary accent tables sometimes have interesting and eccentric designs. This makes them a perfect place to set up a makeshift beverage bar. You do not necessarily have to focus on alcoholic beverages. You can serve coffee, hot chocolate, or even espresso. Ensure that you have the correct drinkware based upon the type of bar you create. For example, for alcoholic beverages, you will want to have drinkware such as wine glasses that are used to serve alcohol. For a coffee and cocoa bar, ensure you have mugs. You can convert your bar according to who you plan to serve. For example, during the week, you may want to have a non-alcoholic bar setup, but if you have adult guests over, you may want to change to an alcoholic beverage set-up. 

Room Dividers

If your home or apartment has a loft design, you likely have plenty of open space. You can cleverly use contemporary accent tables as room dividers. Ensure that you adorn the tables relative to the areas you are aiming to separate. For example, you could divide your living room and dining area using one or two accent tables, and you could put decorative plates on display.  

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