Finding Quality Furniture You Can Love: Tips To Help You Choose

When it comes to home furnishings, you want to invest in pieces that will last in quality and style for many years. Here are tips you can use to help you choose the best high-quality pieces when there are so many different brands and styles to choose from.

Opt for the real deal

If you want metal furniture, opt for steel or wrought iron in your chests, end tables, light stands, and more. Steel and iron are both less prone to rust, dents, scratches, and dings over aluminum and are worth the extra investment. If you are seeking wooden pieces, stick to classic cedar, oak, and sturdy maple instead of choosing pine. Pine is a softer wood that can scratch or dent easily, or even break when it is being relocated. Avoid plastic replicas of the real deal, even if they look so authentic in style that they could pass for quality metal or wood.

Stick to brands you trust

Some furniture brands, such as Stickley furniture, stand the test of time for good reason. Quality brands of furniture tend to have manufacturing demands of high standards and make pieces that are delivered assembled to your home fully ready to use. Avoid brands that carry 'assembly required' furniture pieces, including cribs, entertainment centers, or bed sets, unless the delivery process includes a furniture expert to put everything together for you.

Stay with classic lines

If you want furniture that will always be in style, then choose classic pieces that have never failed to be trendy. This includes white, tan, or dark brown leather pieces, solid wood pieces in rich honey, dark brown, or even distressed wood, and straight-lined steel or iron pieces in neutral tones. Classic furniture blends well with contemporary styles and colors as long as you stick to neutral tones (if you want to be a bit modern in style, opt for cream or gray-white as your neutral hue). Stay away from mainly glass or overly detailed furnishings unless you are choosing them as strictly accent pieces, since they will always stand out and may clash with future styles. 

Your home furniture can last for a long time and be enjoyed for many years if you choose pieces that are classic and full of high quality. Choose brands that you know you can trust as well as pieces that are solid wood or a durable metal, and you can have stylish pieces for decades in your home.

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