Tips For Choosing Furniture For Small Bedrooms

If you live in a small bedroom, you might be stuck as to how you are going to decorate and make sure that you have all the storage space you need without making your room seem unbearably claustrophobic and cramped. Here are some tips for buying furniture for a small bedroom.

1. Increase Storage Space Under Your Bed

Your first step is to recognize that there is a lot of unused space in your room already. The unused space is the space between the top of your furniture and the ceiling. Make use of this space to the best of your ability by lofting your bed and putting more boxes underneath it or by purchasing a bed frame that has shelves and drawers already built in underneath it. This will add storage space to your room without making it feel cramped because the storage space underneath the bed is easy to hide with covers. If you're worried about needing a ladder to get up onto your bed and the space that the ladder will take up, consider getting a bed that has built-in rungs on the end of the bed to help you get up. Even consider stepping onto the chair that you might already have in your bedroom and then climbing into your bed.

2. Get A Tall Headboard

Once you've lofted your bed to make it higher, don't stop there. Consider getting a very tall headboard that approaches the ceiling. This headboard is going to take up an inch or two of space but will give the impression that your room is larger than it actually is. In a small bedroom, the bed is going to be the focal point of the room no matter what you do. Don't try to downplay your bed. Instead, embrace the focal point nature of the bed and use the headboard to create an illusion of a larger bedroom.

3. Buy Lighter-Weight White Furniture

Finally, buy white furniture or light-toned wooden furniture. The lighter your furniture is, the more open your bedroom is going to seem. Even if you have a bed that starts to dwarf the rest of your bedroom, you can use this trick to minimize the size disparity. Also consider buying furniture that has spindlier legs in order to make the room seem more open. Solid wood and heavy furniture is going to make your room seem smaller.

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