Turn Your Child's Room Into An Indoor Playground

Whether your child is sick or the weather outside isn't cooperating, there are likely days when it's tough to get outside for a little fun and exercise. An excellent way to counter this problem is to turn your child's room into an indoor playground. With the right planning and design ideas, the room will function regularly yet can be turned into a miniature park when the time is right. Here are a few ideas to consider implementing:

Introduce a Boat Bed

Putting a boat bed in your child's room will give them an opportunity to pretend they're out to sea whenever the mood strikes while providing them with a comfortable and safe place to sleep at night. Keep a box of accessories near the bed, such as a toy anchor and some rope, that your little one can use when role playing on the boat. You can even use the boat bed to teach your child water safety rules by having them wear a life vest and practicing what to do if they were to fall out of the boat and into the "water". For more information, contact Kiddie Car Beds or a similar company.

Install an Indoor Swing

Installing an indoor swing on the ceiling frame is an effective way to bring the fun of the outdoors inside. Look for a swing that has easy-to-open hooks that attach it to the ceiling. This will allow you to take the swing down when it isn't in use so your child doesn't get distracted while they're supposed to be doing chores or sleeping. The swing should also hang from soft rope instead of metal or tin ropes to minimize the chance of injuries while it's being used without adult supervision.

Set up a Tent in the Corner

Set up a small child's tent in the corner of the room so your little one can "go camping" on occasion, and use the space as a playhouse during the day. Put a sleeping bag and a few books in the tent along with a flashlight for added effect. Consider placing a faux fireplace light in front of the tent where you and your child can have dessert together and tell stories to one another sometimes.

Paint the Walls Different Backgrounds

By creating a different scene on each wall of your child's bedroom, they can take the opportunity to pick and choose what type of environment they want to play in on any given day. Paint one wall with chalkboard paint so that your little one can create their own backgrounds and artwork. Paint another wall using tree and animal stencils to create a jungle theme. Turn another wall into a circus with bright colors like red and blue. The idea is to present different ideas, sights and colors on each wall that will encourage imaginative play while indoors.

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