Question To Ask If You Want To Surprise Your Parents With A New Bed

Even if your parents are able bodied, still able to get around ok, and don't ask for things, there are simple ways that you can help improve their life in a big way. Often, the last thing that will be on a couple's mind is a new mattress. If your parents have been sleeping on the same bed a long time or if one of them is now complaining of aches and pains in the morning, they may need a new bed. If you want to surprise them with a new mattress, here are a few questions to help you figure out which kind they may need.

Are you able to get a good night's sleep?

The primary question that you want to ask to dig into their sleeping habits is if they are getting a good night's rest. As time goes on, an old mattress may wear down, the springs may be more detectable, or it may not offer good support. If your parents respond that they often can't get comfortable or wake up with aches, a new mattress is a good idea for them.

What is your ideal size mattress?

Some couples will deal with the same mattress, but have complaints about how large or small it is. Many couples may wish to downsize after the kids are out of the house and no longer climbing into bed with them at night. Others may complain that the mattress they had when they were younger doesn't allow for a full range of motion anymore. Some parents may also have decided that sleeping in separate beds will help each of them get a good night's sleep due to snoring, sweating, or one partner moving around in their sleep. By asking this, you know what size of mattress they want for their room.

Have you seen any mattress commercials/infomercials?

Often, commercials for desirable mattresses will come on television and your parents may see them, then put them out of mind. Ask directly if they have seen any mattress commercials and if any beds have sparked their interest. There are top-of the-line adjustable beds that your parents may want to try out, but they won't recall until you ask them. Ask them what details and technology they would want in the optimal bed. From there, you can select an adjustable bed that your parents can each set to their exact specifications after the surprise delivery. Explore options with various companies like Florida Mattress Center.

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