Create A Coastal Vibe In Your Beach-Inspired Living Room

There is something airy and liberating about being near the water, and it makes sense to embrace this element if you are decorating a coastal home. Even if you don't live near the beach, you can evoke this same light and fresh feeling in your own living room with the right colors, furnishings, and accents.

Try some of the following ideas to get that coastal vibe in your own living space:

Choose the right colors.

Go with cool, light colors for a coastal feel in your living room; this includes painting the walls a cool white or pastel blues and greens. Consider painting the walls and ceiling the same shade to make your ceilings seem taller and the room larger.

Make use of textiles.

Think about all of the different textures and tactile experiences that you might find on a beach. Now, try to recreate this in your space by choosing a variety of textures and materials to furnish the room. For example, use nubby-tweed slipcovers on furniture, sheer silky panels on the windows, and a thick Sherpa throw rug under your feet.

Find the perfect furnishings.

Keep the furniture modern and streamlined in a coastal-inspired home, but don't compromise comfort. There is a carefree look to beach house décor, so use what you like but don't crowd the space. Consider investing in one furnishing that will serve as a practical focal point for the room, such as a cool rattan sectional sofa.

Be careful with accent items.

Over-accessorizing a space can make it seem crowded and small; furthermore, there is a lot more care involved in dusting and cleaning a lot of collectibles, accents, and tchotchkes. Make it easy on yourself by keeping accents simple and utilitarian, which will also make your room seem larger and less-confining. Use the beach theme when choosing art, accents, and fixtures.

Let in some light.

Keep the window treatments light and sheer when planning to go with a coastal-inspired décor. Get rid of heavy window treatments that block the natural light of the sun; illuminate the space with lots of warm, white light- which is also very flattering. Be sure to invest in a couple of great task lamps to give you adequate light when reading, playing games, or hanging out with the family.

Achieving a coastal vibe in your living room relies on more than merely being near the water; choose colors, fabrics, and furnishings that echo the textures and hues of the sea. Talk with furniture retailers about the best pieces to bring a light and airy atmosphere to your home, and that can serve as a fitting focal point for your beachside retreat!

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