Create A Great Sleeping Space For Guests Without Acutally Creating A Guest Bedroom

If you are someone who likes to have guests stay the weekend with you often, having a great place for them to sleep is important. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they have to dedicate a whole room as a guest bedroom for their visitors when they stay at their home, but this is not the case at all. The following guide walks you through a few ways to ensure your guests have a great place to sleep without having to dedicate an entire room to their sleeping needs.

Consider a Wall Bed

There are wall beds on the market that allow you to fold the mattress up against the wall in a cabinet when it is not in use. When you have guests coming to visit, you simply pull out the legs, lower the mattress, and it instantly turns into a great bed for people to use when they stay at your house. By being able to fold the mattress into the cabinet, you will have ample floor space to use for other things when people are not staying at your home.

Consider the Size of the Bed

The wall beds are available in many different sizes. You want to be sure that your guests are able to sleep on the bed together, if they are a couple so choosing a full or queen sized bed allows you to be sure that there is ample room for couples to sleep comfortably when they come to visit.

Consider the Differing Weights of Guests

When you are selecting the mattress that you will get for the bed, consider getting a memory foam mattress. Memory foam can support many different weights perfectly, making it ideal for a guest bed because there will be people sleeping on it with varying weights.

Consider the Weight of the Mattress

Since you will be using the mattress in a wall bed, you need to be sure that it is light weight. Memory foam mattresses often do not require traditional box springs so they are often a very light option to use for a wall bed. You can often use a piece of plywood between the frame and mattress to give the mattress the support needed to keep it flat on the frame.

Once you have considered all of these things, you should be able to choose a great bed and mattress to use when guests come to stay at your home. Your guests are sure to appreciate the time and dedication you put into creating a great sleeping area for them to use when they stay at your home. You will appreciate the ability to use the space for other things throughout the week when you do not have guests at your home.

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