4 Things A Person With Back Pain Should Consider When Selecting A New Mattress

If you suffer from back pain and your mattress has started to sag or no longer offers consistent support, it could be causing you additional pain. Lying in an uncomfortable position for lengthy periods can encourage muscles to cramp and make it difficult for you to rest at night. Research shows that back pain and sleep quality can be improved by a new bedding system. Here are a few things to consider if you are a back pain sufferer selecting a new mattress:

Choose a mattress with medium firmness.

study that assessed the ability of mattresses to alleviate discomfort in people who suffer from chronic back pain compared the pain associated with mattresses of varying degrees of firmness. After 90 days, findings indicated that study participants who slept on mattresses with medium firmness had less pain while lying in bed as well as throughout the day. In addition, there was less pain upon rising. 

Medium-firm mattresses offer a consistent level of support but are still soft enough to help distribute the pressure points that your body encounters as you rest.

If you are considering a mattress, be sure to review its firmness levels. Mattresses that are too soft or too hard may leave you with little back pain relief.

Consider the construction.

Mattresses with more coils per square foot may offer better weight distribution for your body. The placement, size and number of coils can affect how comfortable you feel as you are lying down.

In addition, the padding that lies on top of the coils can vary in thickness and density. Foam pads tend to be dense but are also quite soft.

Overall mattress thickness can also affect comfort levels.

Lie down in the store.

Still, the best way to assess whether a mattress is constructed in a way that reduces your back pain is to try the mattress out.

Most mattress stores don't mind customers lying on their display mattresses. In fact, they are likely to encourage it.

Make sure you can afford your selection.

Nothing keeps a person up at night like financial troubles. So, even if a mattress that is priced well beyond your budget is your top pick, look for an  affordable mattress with many of the same features that feels similar when you lie on it.

If you suffer from back pain and are looking for a new mattress, visit a local mattress store to test the display units and review their features. You are sure to find a mattress that helps you rest easier.

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