How To Reimagine Office Decor To Beautify Your Space

Office furniture and decorations are some of those things in life that are both boring and completely necessary – kind of like water. But just like you can add different fruits, herbs, and flavorings to your water to make it less boring to drink, there are definitely ways you can spruce up your boring, cookie-cutter office to reflect your personality without becoming unprofessional. If you're looking for ideas for fun (but still restrained) touches to put on already existing office furniture and its furnishings, then here's what you need to know.

Utilize Fabric

You can brighten up the standard (boring) chairs, filing cabinets, and even trash cans with some well-placed fabric. Simply choose a nice, breathable (but not see-through) fabric, such as a cotton blend, and then turn your eyes to the color scheme.

To keep your office looking professional, shy away from neons or pastels and instead build a color scheme of 3 complimentary colors (such as navy, dark purple, and forest green) that will add visual interest without making your office look like a rainbow.

Once you've got your fabric in your color scheme, wrap it around your furniture. A tight wrap will keep the furniture in question usable but still visually stimulating.

Vary Your Décor Height

You've learned that pieces of art and family photos should be at eye level on the wall – but adhering too closely to this piece of traditional wisdom can cause an odd conga line of pictures and paintings running a ring around your room's walls.

To cancel out this unwanted effect, keep large, important decorations at eye level while surrounding them (not too closely packed, mind you) with smaller pieces. Not only will the eye still be drawn to the large work, but it will follow your path of smaller ones, thus letting each piece shine in its own way.

The Magic Carpet

Hands down, one of the best ways you can create a more aesthetically pleasing office is to invest in a good rug. Not only do rugs break up the monotony of tiled or hardwood floors, but they can also add in a final pop of color to tie your entire office's décor together.

Make sure to choose a rug that won't slip underneath foot traffic, and if needs be purchase a few anti-skid buttons to fit to the underside of the rug. Avoid fabrics that crush and show wear easily, and instead pick a rug that can withstand heavy traffic without breaking down. Talk to a professional like Alexander Brothers Ltd for assistance.

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