How To Make Your Dining Room Appear Larger In Your Small Apartment

Living in apartment means being very close to your neighbors, and having tight-nit quarters of your own. If you are tired of feeling so squeezed in, there is one room of your home you can make feel very grand. Discover ways you can make your dining room appear larger, making it more inviting for entertaining guests or just relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Heighten your furniture

Low tables and chairs can make your already small apartment appear even tinier. You can remedy this by investing in very tall chairs and a table to match. This furniture style resembles sitting at a counter in a bar stool, and gives off an intimate appeal. Even better, you can use the heightened space under your table to sit any way you want without worrying about bumping your knees under the table top.

Make this dining room furniture set even more alluring in this space by installing a low light above your table. A light that hangs suspended by a decorative chain brightens your table in a candle-light kind of way that makes your small space much more inviting.

Stop being square

If your furniture is square in design, the sharp edges may make your dining space suffer as a result. Upgrade to a small round table that can seat 2 with a folding leaf at either side for when you entertain guests. Surround your table with low bar stools or round chairs, and you've created space where your square corners used to cut space off. If you choose a lighter-toned table in soft yellow or white you can add whimsical charm to your living space as well as make it appear larger.

Use bar stools

Get rid of your table completely and install a long shelf along your largest wall in your dining room instead. This table can serve as a makeshift bar, opening up the space where your table used to be. Finish the contemporary look with a table runner and a few bar stools for sitting, and you've got the perfect place to dine, relax, or have a chat with friends.

Just because you live in a small apartment doesn't mean you have to suffer with a small dining area. You can make this room appear larger with tall dining room furniture, round designs, or even your own homemade bar. These small changes can make a huge difference in your room.

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