Finding The Best Mattress For Your Arthritic Back

Arthritis in your back can make it very difficult to sleep well at night. If you're like the average American and get more than 6 hours of sleep a night, it's very important to have a mattress that offers you optimum comfort and support. Without proper sleep, your body and mind can become stressed, and you can actually make yourself ill. When choosing a mattress, look for a few things to help ease your arthritic back.

Spring support

The best mattress is one that doesn't sag. Sagging is caused by a wide space between springs that offer the main support in your mattress. The more springs a mattress has or the closer the springs are to each other, the less sagging you can experience over time. When shopping for a mattress, ask your sales associate at the furniture store about the springs within the mattress options before you. A mattress should also be warrantied against a certain amount of sagging (measured in inches) so you can have your purchase repaired or replaced if your mattress begins to sag after a short period of time.

Memory foam

Some mattresses come with a memory foam topper, which can be very beneficial to your arthritic back. Memory foam 'memorizes' the shape of your body, or rather, conforms to the pressure points on your body, including your hips, back, and shoulder blades. This support gives you the comfort you need on your tender back and allows you to have a better nights' rest. If your mattress options don't include memory foam toppers, you can buy a memory foam cover separately at a furniture store.


If you want to alleviate your pain, you want to have a mattress with the right amount of firmness. This is measured in 3 types: medium firmness, firm firmness, and soft firmness. A soft firm mattress provides pressure-point relief but lacks support, which can lead to sagging. This can cause your back more pain. A medium firmness mattress has a fine balance of pressure relief and support, which can help alleviate pain. You may even be interested in a very firm mattress, which has the most stiff and unforgiving design for those who want ample pressure-point relief.

When looking for a mattress for your arthritic back, you want to look for support, comfort, and the right type of firmness. The best way to find out if a mattress will work for you is to visit your furniture store and feel the mattresses they have available for yourself. Doing this will help you find the best option for your tender back.

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