Enliven Your Home With Mid Century Style

Mid century furniture is back in style. Antique and vintage furniture has always appealed to a certain crowd, but with the popularity of recent television shows and movies set in the mid century era, older design styles are becoming a new fad. Mid century furniture and décor is easy to recognize because of its modern, sweeping lines and vibrant colors. You can bring this look to your home by adding a few accent pieces or by investing in furniture. Here are a few ideas.

Furniture Pieces

When shopping for mid century furniture, the first thing you have to decide is if you want authentic pieces or replicas. If authenticity is important to you, you should shop in antique stores or thrift stores for pieces that were manufactured during the mid 1900s. However, if you just love the look, you can buy new replica pieces at just about any major furniture store. You just have to be careful because some furniture may be labeled as mid century simply because it's a popular buzzword right now.

You can buy all kinds of furniture from the era, but some of the most distinctive are the chairs. If you don't want to invest a lot of money, you can modernize your décor by buying a few chairs for the living room and kitchen. The sweeping lines are very noticeable in the designs of chairs that often have curved sides, peaked corners, or unusual rounded shapes. Kitchen chairs can be found in a variety of bold colors and materials such as plastic and fiberglass. If you're tired of traditional square and rectangular wood pieces, you'll love the free-form design of mid century furniture.


The advantage of shopping at a mid century furniture dealer is that you'll often find many household accessories there too. While it's fun to hunt for treasures at thrift stores and antique shops, it's nice to walk into a store that has exactly what you're looking for, such as lamps. Lamps from that era tend to have a futuristic appearance. Placing one of these in your bedroom adds a touch of glamour. A whimsical mid century chandelier transforms a stuffy dining area into a friendly gathering place. In addition to buying pieces designed with the same distinctive look of pieces gone by, you can also add pieces that were once popular but are not used as often now.

For instance, you could use a vintage serving cart or TV trays as lamp tables. You could choose pillows, rugs, and wall decorations in pink, orange, and green. Although styles and colors were bold then, you can also choose a sleeker look that includes cream colors and metal bookshelves and floor lamps.

Because mid century furniture is enjoying a revival, you have a huge selection in things you can buy for your home, especially if you buy new pieces and don't have to hunt around for originals. Whether you are a collector that insists on the real thing or someone who likes to buy new furniture, adding a touch of mid century style to your home will liven up the atmosphere and remind you of bygone days of glamour and futuristic dreams.

To learn more, contact a mid century furniture dealer in your area. 

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