'Tis The Season To Give The Gift Of Furniture

If you want to give someone a gift that will impress and please, consider something practical and posh like a new piece of furniture. Whether you are buying someone special a desk for their home office or a really great chair for the foyer, furniture is the gift that is as loved and appreciated as it is useful.

Some great furniture finds for someone special this season include these suggestions:

Cool computer stands and desks.

Laptop and computer stands have come a long way in recent years. It is possible to find slender, space-efficient tables and carts that will hold the user's computer and essentials, while also making it portable to move around a room or house. These are always useful and not very expensive to buy.

A lovely lamp or light fixture.

There are so many nifty and unique light fixtures available; check out your favorite furniture store to see what they have to offer. Try giving one that is distinctive and that reflects the style of the person receiving it. For instance, give a college student a cool lamp for their dorm room or give a relative a lovely chandelier or pendant lamp.

Convenient cedar chests and trunks.

Trunks and chests make excellent furniture gifts for others -- men and women -- regardless of age. Whether you are giving a cedar hope chest to a young person just starting out in life, or if you want to share a cool trunk for a grandparent to store prized photos, these are great gift options that won't break the budget.

Set of savvy stools.

Another cool gift to give is a set of funky bar-stools. Naturally, these don't have to be used at a bar; these work well at a kitchen island or for additional seating, too. The height and sleek style make these versatile, and they are generally affordable for gift-giving.

Sophisticated side-chairs.

The beauty of buying someone a side-chair is that they go anywhere and can be used for anything, from an office to a fireplace nook. This generally refers to an upholstered, straight-back chair that doesn't have arms, which increases the utility and makes them practical for sitting at a desk, perching at a table, or positioning in a corner.

When buying furniture to give to someone else:

  • Try to avoid buying something that is distinctly your taste. Try to echo something that the recipient might buy for themselves.
  • Keep pragmatics in mind, such as how it will be delivered and whether the recipient has the space to accommodate the item.
  • Try not to buy things that will replace something that the recipient has and, quite possibly, loves. Buy furnishings that will augment and accent the existing décor.
  • For convenience, consider a gift certificate to a favorite online furniture store or local retail venue. This will provide the recipient the chance to shop for what they truly need and want.

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