Swirl Paint A Piece Of Furniture To Get A Look You Want

If you have a piece of wood furniture that you want to give a unique paintjob, you can paint it with a method that gives it a colorful and swirled look. This method is easy to do and it will leave you with a piece of furniture that looks like something no one else has. Follow the instructions in this article to create a one of a kind piece.

Prepare your piece of furniture: You'll need to take the furniture apart the furniture to remove the pieces you want to swirl paint. If you want to paint the entire piece then you'll need to do it one piece at a time. Sand all the pieces and prime them with a base color that goes with the colors of the swirl paint you are using since some of the primer will show through in the final product.

Get your supplies ready: You need a basin that's both waterproof and large enough for you to submerge the largest piece you plan on swirl painting. Fill the tub to the top with tap water that's room temperature. Roll up a section of newspaper and set it to the side; you'll need it later.

Paint your furniture quickly: Choose enamel paint in the colors you want to use and add a few drops of each color to the water at a time. The paint is oil-based and this means it will float on the top of the water. Once you have added all the colors you want, take a sharp and pointy object and carefully pull the paint around on the water until it is swirled in a pattern you like.

Take each piece of furniture one at a time and hold them slightly slanted at an angle. Dip each piece down in the water all the way. Once fully submerged you want to hold the piece underwater with one hand while you use the other to grab the rolled up newspaper. If your pieces are heavy then you may need a second person for this part. Use the newspaper to remove the leftover paint from the surface of the water so it doesn't come in contact with the piece as you pull it from the basin.

Set the piece in a safe spot where it can dry for a day. Once it is dry, you will spray it with a clear enamel to protect it and allow it to dry again. As soon as the clear enamel coating has dried, you can put the furniture back together and begin enjoying your masterpiece. Local furniture stores can be great places to get pieces of furniture you can swirl paint to get the look you want.

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